We only think about backing up our website once we have been hacked and realize there is a no back up to restore our site. It’s like trying to get insurance coverage after you are in a car crash. Backing up your website is  a very simple task which should take you less than  5 min. It’s advisable that you back up your website at least once a week depending on how frequent you update it. Follow the following easy steps.

1. Login to your cpanel www.yourwebsite.com/cpanel

2. Click on back up wizard icon

backup3. You should see back up wizard as shown below. Click on Backup—>

website backup02

4. Backup options will be displayed. You can choose to just back up your Home Directory, MySQL Databases or Email Forwarders and Filters or you can make your life easier click on Full Backup to create a complete back up.

website backup03

5. Enter your email address to be notified when your backup is complete. Click on Generate Backup

website backup04

6. Once complete a copy of your backup will be stored in your Home Directory. If you entered an email address from the previous step you should get an email.

website backup05

7. To locate your backup, Click on File Manager in cPanel , It should look as shown below. You can download it and save it your computer or flash drive. It’s that easy:)


website backup06


Look out for a blog on how to restore your website.

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