Configuring SecureCRT in GNS3

PROBLEM : Unable to run SecureCRT in GNS3

Ever tried to use SecureCRT in GNS3 and the OS will not load with the following error:

loader: Platform type set to default
Platform ASAv
loader: Platform type set to default
IO memory blocks requested from bigphys 32bit: 87680
Platform ASAv

SOLUTION: Load ASA using the VNC console and add the following syntax

ciscoasa(config)# cd coredumpinfo
ciscoasa(config)# copy coredump.cfg disk0:/use_ttyS0
ciscoasa(config)# wr mem
ciscoasa(config)# reload

Once the ASA has reloaded you should have output like the one shown below. Shut down the ASA then go to the ASA configuration option and change the console from VNC to Telnet. Restart the ASAv and should start in secureCRT.

To keep the settings of your ASA configuration persistent in new topologies. Click “edit->preferences->qemu VMs”, highlight your ASAv VM, and click edit. Uncheck the box on the Advanced settings tab, that says “use this as a linked VM”. Click Apply > OK