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Where is the return to the previous screen on S gear?

Drag the screen downwards from the top edge of the screen while

using an app to return to the previous page.


drag down



You can also go to the Clock screen when you drag the screen

downwards from the top edge of the other Home screen panels.


Setting Up Email for the iPhone/iPad

Newer Versions of iPhone

In the directions below, wherever it says “” substitute with your domain name. Read more


Setting up email on Android Smartphone

Setting up email on an android phone is easy, the following few steps will show you how to:

1. Go to applications on your phone and tap on the Email icon. If you already have another email setup, tap on the bottom left on your phone to get to settings as shown below Read more


Why your website should be mobile ready

According to Global mobile statistics there is over 5 billion mobile subscribers, the number of users visiting websites using mobile phone keeps climbing, so does the number of people who are frustrated with half of the websites are not mobile ready.
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Running Android Apps on a PC

If you are like me, you love your iPhone but also a big fan of Open source-Android. Unless you jail break your iPhone you will not have a real taste of Android’s ice-cream, cup cake or slice of the best mobile app.

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Sumsung Galaxy S4 gallery app freezing

When the Galaxy S4 gallery crashes, images look like they’ve loaded, but two parts of the interface load on top of each other and nothing works. See the grey bar behind the images? That’s the second gallery screen trying to load. Read more