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Revolution Slider Error

Revolution slider is one of the best WordPress sliders and often used on most websites. It works great most of the time but sometimes fails like everything else. One of the most error errors you get when importing a slider is ” slider_export.txt does not exist!” Here is a fix. Read more


Why your website should be mobile ready

According to Global mobile statistics there is over 5 billion mobile subscribers, the number of users visiting websites using mobile phone keeps climbing, so does the number of people who are frustrated with half of the websites are not mobile ready.
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Removing Joomla meta generator

So why would you want to remove the Joomla meta name generator ? Perhaps to customize your content for search engines and also for security reasons, you do not want to make it easy for anyone to know what platform or joomla version you are using.

By far the easiest way to remove or customize the Joomla meta generator is using this cool plugin.

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