If you are like me, you love your iPhone but also a big fan of Open source-Android. Unless you jail break your iPhone you will not have a real taste of Android’s ice-cream, cup cake or slice of the best mobile app.

The smart folks at Blue Stacks have put together an app that you can install on your PC, Mac and soon on Ubuntu and enjoy the full flavors of Android. This is the best way to find out if you would really like to convert from an iPhone to an Android phone without purchasing a phone.


BlueStacks App Player requires Windows 7 or Vista, at least 2GB memory, and an Intel Core2 Duo or more-powerful processor. From my experience it runs better with 4 GB ram or better.


1. Download the Blue stack Android player here

2. Follow the installation wizard and click next towards the end of installing one of the best apps


Create a Google account if you do not have one, and follow the insturctions below

-go to home
-search “go launcher”, then click on “find” and download the application.
-click on the central button and select go launcher.

VOILA ! you can now run your android apps on your pc.

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