How to Back up your website

We only think about backing up our website once we have been hacked and realize there is a no back up to restore our site. It’s like trying to get insurance coverage after you are in a car crash. Backing up your website is  a very simple task which should take you less than  5 min. It’s advisable that you back up your website at least once a week depending on how frequent you update it. Follow the following easy steps. Read more


Why your website should be mobile ready

According to Global mobile statistics there is over 5 billion mobile subscribers, the number of users visiting websites using mobile phone keeps climbing, so does the number of people who are frustrated with half of the websites are not mobile ready.
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Removing Joomlart Favicon

Joomlart has one of the best joomla templates on the web. They use the T3 framework, and one of the most annoying things is changing the the favicon. That little icon in the address bar next to the url. In most templates this is located in the home directory, for some reason Joomlart chose to make everyone’s life a little harder by having this icon deep inside the template directories.

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