According to Global mobile statistics there is over 5 billion mobile subscribers, the number of users visiting websites using mobile phone keeps climbing, so does the number of people who are frustrated with half of the websites are not mobile ready.

It happens to most of us, you want to look up a business address on your smartphone but all your get on your tiny screen is a quarter view of the web page.No matter how you pinch or zoom the screen you cannot get the information you need. You eventually give up until you find a mobile friendly website where you can take your business.

As a business owner you might not even be aware of the amount of business you have lost as a result of your website not being compartible with mobile devices. You might have spent thousands of dollars on SEO experts in the hope of improving your google ranking and yet you are not getting a return on your investment.

What’s the difference ?

The images below shows two examples of a mobile ready website and non-mobile ready viewed from an iPhone. Notice the difference in accessing features such as the menu or search options

Non Mobile Ready


To access the menu you will need to zoom in then select the menu while you hide other parts of the website   

Mobile Ready


The menu and content can easily be read without zooming in, forget about pinch and zoom. Content is arranged vertically for easy scrolling.

Mobile Ready Menu Selection


Here are a couple of compelling reasons your website should be mobile ready.

60% of US consumers own a smartphone

Next time you are at a restaurant or pub, just look around at how many people are tapping away on their phones. It’s become everyone’s favorite pass time activity.People are using smartphones to browse the internet for business or pleasure. If a potential customer comes across your website and cannot find what they need, they are most likely not going to return. That’s a sale you have just lost.

Save on mobile Apps

On average a mobile app for your products and services can easily cost you at least $3000. A well designed responsive (mobile-ready) website can be cost effective. Depending on your budget and needs there are several ways you can build an inexpensive mobile website.

Social Media

Everyone’s grandma is now on facebook or twitter and other forms of social media. You could have a million twitter followers driving traffic to your website. What use is it if they cannot view your web pages because they are unreadable. You are not only irritating your potential clients but also wasting your time marketing your business on social media.

Stay Competitive

Think of the amount of business you are losing from mobile users to your competitors who have responsive websites. Stay ahead of your competition with a fast loading accessible website. If you are lucky, your competitors may not even be aware of the need  to optimize their website for the mobile market.

Is your website mobile ready ? Contact us  to find out how you can easily get ahead of your competitors and monetize your website

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